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New year, new shows, new album! 

Early in 2011, Stayte released Walking in the Land of Wind and Ghost. This documentary featured over a decade of our trials and tribulations condensed into a little over 60 minutes. This was a massive undertaking and effectively closed the chapter on the recent history of the band.

Despite some amazingly witty outtakes on the DVD discussing the future of the band, this movie left quite a few people with questions about the future of Stayte – especially considering our activity in several other projects throughout 2011.

The answer to all those questions is funk… and 'yes'. Stayte is alive, well and ready to make some waves in 2012.

At the first screening of the film in Vancouver, we reconnected with Byron Slack - our drummer when we were signed to Nefer Records in 1999. After watching our journey and chatting for a while, Byron rejoined us on the drums. This spurred the reformation of the Stayte live band.

In the final few months of 2011, we made extensive progress on the new Stayte full-length record. Currently untitled, this record has matured from a handful of demos recorded while we were in Texas in 2008 into a cohesive blend of songs that will be our strongest release to date – by far. You can expect to hear the completed album in mid to late 2012. Until then, you will be able to check out some of that new material live. We just announced our first live show of 2012 – February 11th at Bar Sinister in Hollywood, CA.

So as the clock ticks over to 2012, we want to thank all of you for your patience and continued support. We look forward to seeing you all in 2012 - starting with those of you on the west coast of North America.

Rock and/or roll,

Clayton, Josh, Rick and Byron

ReGen Mag reviews 'Walking in the Land of Wind and Ghost' DVD and Soundtrack 

ReGen Mag has recently posted an in-depth review of Walking in the Land of Wind and Ghost. This review is really honest and touches not only on aspects of the film, but also on the history of the band itself. Many thanks to Ilker Yücel for taking the time to put this together.

If you don't have a copy of the movie or soundtrack, we have recently added a Wind and Ghost Package to our online store.

Stayte - Music to Get Married By 

Josh and I would like to share a unique Stayte moment with all of you. Just recently one of our fans chose to walk down the aisle to "If You Were Mine" from the Cognitive Dissonance EP. Please join us in offering congratulations to Claire and Glyn! Here is the video.

By now some of you will have had the opportunity to view Walking in the Land of Wind and Ghost - either with friends or perhaps with Josh on his recent promo tour for the film. We would love to hear what you think of it so please feel free to post your thoughts/comments/photos on our Facebook page.

Josh and I are working on finishing up the new Stayte record as well as preparing for some shows with a new side project - The Great AmeriCon. This band features some familiar faces including Sin Quirin (Ministry/Revolting Cocks), Salvador Krk (Lords Of Acid) and Karma Cheema (American Head Charge, Otep). This band will be joining Combichrist on tour for select dates at the end of May.

'Wind and Ghost' Original Soundtrack is out 

The original motion picture soundtrack for Walking in the Land of Wind and Ghost is now available! This 14-track album is compiled of songs from the film including previously unreleased material from Stayte, Simple Shelter and The Total Phuken Muncho. The new Stayte tracks 'On Your Way Down' and 'Face the Maze' give a taste of the next Stayte record. The soundtrack also includes three new mixes of fan favourites 'Slip Your Mind', 'Ask Me on Monday' and 'The Two Sisters'. This album is a digital-only release and can be downloaded directly from us or if you prefer: CD Baby, iTunes or Amazon.

1. On Your Way Down - Stayte
2. Face the Maze - Stayte
3. Slip Your Mind (Wind and Ghost Mix) - Stayte
4. 1980 - Simple Shelter
5. The King of Funk - The Total Phuken Muncho
6. Surrender - The Total Phuken Muncho
7. The Two Sisters (Radio Edit) - Stayte
8. System Error - Simple Shelter
9. Journey To Days End - Simple Shelter
10. Ask Me on Monday (Wind and Ghost Mix) - Stayte
11. Only You (Song For Azaria) - Simple Shelter
12. The Space Between - Stayte
13. In Awe - Simple Shelter
14. Message from the Total Phuken Muncho - The Total Phuken Muncho

Walking in the Land of Wind and Ghost 

After several intense months of editing and tweaking, we are beyond excited to announced that the Stayte documentary has been completed and pressed to DVD. Walking in the Land of Wind and Ghost is now available for purchase. We will be showing the film at venues across North American in the coming months – starting with a premiere in Vancouver in early February.

In the tradition of cult classics such as Fubar, Anvil and American Movie comes this story of two young friends (Josh Bradford and Clayton Worbeck) pursuing their dreams. Shot over the last 12 years, this documentary follows these two aspiring musicians as they rise from the smallest stages of Canada, survive the perils of Los Angeles and go on to win over audiences world-wide. This is a classic tale about the greater journey of self discovery and the importance of never giving up on what you believe in.

"The best home-movie turned documentary I have ever seen" - Simon Lazara -

"A must-see for all struggling artists" - Sarah Paupst - Barhead Review


The stars align for Stayte in 2010 

As the final hours of 2010 melt away, we are humbled by the successes of a truly great year. The beginning of 2010 saw the long-awaited North American release of the 'The Two Sisters'. As many of you know, this album sat on the shelf for almost three years. It was such a relief to finally release this record but to have it receive such rave reviews from critics and fans alike was beyond our expectations.

Shortly after the North American release, Spiralchords Records in Germany enthusiastically signed on to release and promote 'The Two Sisters' in Europe. This led to continued praise for our efforts on an album that was almost abandoned entirely.

Needless to say Josh and I were inspired by all this positive energy and the stars continued to align for Stayte. In the spring of 2010, we began rehearsing again with two new members. We welcomed back to the fold Rick Warner (bassist for Stayte from 2002 through to 2005) and added Galen Wailing on drums.

After sifting through hours and hours of film, Josh began compiling the final edit of ‘Walking in the Land of Wind and Ghost’ - a documentary about the band. And over the course of the last few of months of 2010, the film was finally completed.

Cheers to a year of rebirth! Thank you to all that made this year so invigorating.

Stayte is back and looking forward to all that 2011 has to offer.

- CW