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The stars align for Stayte in 2010 

As the final hours of 2010 melt away, we are humbled by the successes of a truly great year. The beginning of 2010 saw the long-awaited North American release of the 'The Two Sisters'. As many of you know, this album sat on the shelf for almost three years. It was such a relief to finally release this record but to have it receive such rave reviews from critics and fans alike was beyond our expectations.

Shortly after the North American release, Spiralchords Records in Germany enthusiastically signed on to release and promote 'The Two Sisters' in Europe. This led to continued praise for our efforts on an album that was almost abandoned entirely.

Needless to say Josh and I were inspired by all this positive energy and the stars continued to align for Stayte. In the spring of 2010, we began rehearsing again with two new members. We welcomed back to the fold Rick Warner (bassist for Stayte from 2002 through to 2005) and added Galen Wailing on drums.

After sifting through hours and hours of film, Josh began compiling the final edit of ‘Walking in the Land of Wind and Ghost’ - a documentary about the band. And over the course of the last few of months of 2010, the film was finally completed.

Cheers to a year of rebirth! Thank you to all that made this year so invigorating.

Stayte is back and looking forward to all that 2011 has to offer.

- CW

'The Two Sisters' CD now available from Spiralchords 

With our recent signing to Spiralchords Records, we are excited to announce that the physical CD version of 'The Two Sisters' is now available in stores across Europe and online. For ordering information, please visit these two sites: or

Here are a few opinions of the new Stayte album:

"Longtime fans of Stayte can rejoice as the band has returned with a work of blistering, heavy industrial metal the likes of which aren't heard very often." - Ilker Yücel - ReGen

"... a distinctive sound reminding me for instance of Sonic Youth, The Talking Heads or The Residents which are difficult to pigeonhole." - NINa - Fabryka

"Gathering pace and depth with each listen, this is a wonderfully melancholic yet bitter recording that should propel Stayte to the level of recognition and accolade they truly deserve." - Rhiannon Williams - Sphere Magazine