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'Dead Within' and the OST... 

... are out now! Check out the film and/or the original soundtrack.

For those of you not familiar, Josh and I have been working away on the score for this psychological horror for some time now. We are really excited about the release and hope you get a chance to experience it one way or the other (i.e. Blu-Ray/DVD/VoD/BetaMax*/LaserDisc**/Semaphore***).

In other news, I have recently found my way back to California. It's great to be back in the land of sunshine and I'll be resuming mixing of the Stayte record lickety split.

Our apologies for the delay but we know you will dig what's coming. In the meantime, enjoy 'Dead Within'!

- Clayton

* - not going to happen.
** - would be so cool but highly unlikely.
*** - ironically the most likely out of the three