Vinyl LP
  • Vinyl LP
  • Vinyl LP
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The fifth studio album from Stayte featuring guest appearances by Richard Patrick (Filter) and Bruce Lamont (Yakuza). Limited edition pressing on 180g coloured vinyl (only 100 copies available). Digital download card enclosed in each jacket.

Track listing:

  1. Ladies & Gentlemen
  2. Bitter Spider
  3. Dodge the Rain
  4. Dead Do Tell
  5. So Quick to Turn
  6. Waves
  7. Face the Maze (Orogenesis Mix)
  8. Reservation

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The Two Sisters
  • The Two Sisters
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This nine track album begins in the spirit of 'Cognitive Dissonance' but quickly sets its own pace, pushing the Stayte sound further down the paths of oddity, aggression and honesty that Joshua and Clayton have been perfecting for over a decade.

The album features contributions by Pat Labuda (drums), Derek Phillips (bass) and Bernard Ducrocq (synths) plus more stunning artwork by Nina Grey.

Release date: Spring 2010

Track listing:

  1. Hypoxia
  2. To Die Alone
  3. The Two Sisters
  4. Shangri-LA
  5. iEnemy
  6. The Screen Becomes a Blur
  7. Coming Apart
  8. Queen of the Old Ways
  9. The Lady of the Lake

NOTE* - The CD version of this album is currently only available from our distributors in Europe. It can be ordered from and Indie-tective.

Preview and download tracks here.

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Cognitive Dissonance (The Art of Lying to Yourself)
  • Cognitive Dissonance (The Art of Lying to Yourself)
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Five years and countless live performances after the release of 'Abandon in the Amber', Stayte completed work on 'Cognitive Dissonance' in 2007.

Featuring guest collaborator Paul Barker (Ministry, Revolting Cocks) and live drummer Pat Labuda, this six song EP is full of textured soundscapes and powerful vocals while remaining succinct and to the point.

Release date: 09/25/07

Track listing:

  1. Cognitive Dissonance
  2. I Love You In Red
  3. The Killing Kindness
  4. Calling On The Stars
  5. Villain
  6. If You Were Mine

Preview and download tracks here.

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Abandon in the Amber
  • Abandon in the Amber
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Follow up to 1999's 'Growing Pains', this 12-track record proved Stayte was more than a typical industrial metal outfit. Elements of Filter, Jane's Addiction and Faith No More intertwine making 'Abandon in the Amber' a truly alternative industrial album.

Release date: Spring 2003

Track listing:

  1. Slip Your Mind
  2. Smile
  3. Unoriginal
  4. QuarterLifeCrisis
  5. Whistle When You're Low
  6. The Birds That Sing
  7. Christmas Falls On Thursday
  8. Ask Me On Monday
  9. Sirens
  10. The Space Between
  11. Lost In Space
  12. Abandon In The Amber

*NOTE - This is an enhanced CD featuring music videos and audio commentary about the making of the record.

Preview and download tracks 

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Walking in the Land of Wind and Ghost
  • Walking in the Land of Wind and Ghost
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In the tradition of cult classics such as Fubar, Anvil and American Movie comes this story of two young friends (Josh Bradford and Clayton Worbeck) pursuing their dreams.

Shot over the last 12 years, this documentary follows these two aspiring musicians as they rise from the smallest stages of Canada, survive the perils of Los Angeles and go on to win over audiences world-wide.

This is a classic tale about the greater journey of self discovery and the importance of never giving up on what you believe in.

"The best home-movie turned documentary I have ever seen." - Simon Lazara (

"A must-see for all struggling artists." - Sarah Paupst (Barhead Review)

Watch the trailer.

Release date: 01/31/11

Format: NTSC

Language: English

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