Unless otherwise noted, all of Stayte's videos are directed and edited by the multi-talented Josh Bradford. Please take some time and visit his site to see more videos and stay up to date on his latest cinematic endeavors.

"Shot at NAL studios (North Vancouver, BC), the Native dancer was the talented Shama Pryah. Additional camera work by Phil 'kickass' Piper and makeup by Jen Elliott. I had to edit out all the scenes where Rick got naked....but I kept them for my private reel." - JB

"This is a little promo video I did. The fine print may be hard to see but if you can, try to catch it. I used an amazing ad series that was so inspirational to me that I had to share it with as many people as I could. I also used clips from the movie Stay and Solaris - two of the greatest films ever made as far as I am concerned!!! Enjoy....." - JB


"This Stayte song is off the album 'The Two Sisters'. I thought that The Crow fit the lyrics perfectly and I also wanted to do a tribute to Brandon." - JB